Michael Donato & Paul Said Memorial Honours Student Scholarship

Gemma Stubbs was awarded the Michael Donato & Paul Said Memorial Honours Student Scholarship at the Foundation’s 2106 Gala Dinner. Gemma will commence her project in 2017 which will be focused on turning off drug resistance in tumours. The study will look at combinations of molecules that are able to turn off the genes which cause resistance to chemotherapy to develop in a variety of tumours.

[Images: Michael Donato; Gemma Stubbs at the 2016 ECRF Gala Dinner; Paul Said]

Jenna Goggins Memorial Fellowship

The Jenna Goggins Memorial EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation (ECRF) Fellowship was awarded in 2015 to Dr. Ebru Boslem. The Jenna Goggins Fellowship has been a generous annual donation by David and Carmel Goggins in memory of their daughter, Jenna, who lost her battle with adreno-cortical cancer in 2012 at the tender age of 27. Jenna Goggins was the first cancer patient in the world to receive EGFR-targeted, Doxorubicin-packaged EDVs™ under compassionate use to treat her Stage IV adrenocarcinoma. Dr. Boslem will characterise how this adrenocarcinoma, and a variety of other tumours, die in response to various drugs and how the immune system clears the dead tumour tissue from the body.


Jenna Goggins


[Images: Jenna Goggins; David Goggins, Carmel Goggins, Ebru Boslem & Himanshu Brahmbhatt at the 2015 ECRF Gala Dinner]

Scholarships available

Scholarships or grants are available to post-graduate applicants interested in translational research in oncology. The Foundation welcomes expressions of interest and will fund components of suitable projects.

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